Tablet Cables

Need to sync up your iPad up with iTunes for the latest Gaga song? Connect your New Nexus 7 to the big screen? Play your Avicii through the HiFi in the lounge? Constantly misplacing your Lightning cable or need an extra feet or two of wiring to charge your iPad in bed? Fommy's got you covered. We have Lightning cables, MicroUSB adapters and cables, Audio jacks and splitters and loads more from the likes of PureGear, Naztech, Amzer, Apple and loads of other great manufacturers. Order now!

Samsung® (OEM) Micro USB Dual Male Y Adapter
SKU: 92203
£ 0.83 exc. VAT
Micro USB Cable - 2 ft.
SKU: 95884
£ 2.08 exc. VAT
Mini USB Sync and Charge Cable - 6 ft.
SKU: 96718
£ 1.24 exc. VAT
Micro USB Splitter Cable - 16 inch
SKU: 96732
£ 3.74 exc. VAT
Micro USB Cable - 15 in.
SKU: 95885
£ 1.66 exc. VAT
HTC® 2-in-1 Audio Charging USB Cable
SKU: 81908
£ 7.71 exc. VAT