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Great Ajay
SKUNO: 91779
Feb 06, 2017
My Review
Smooth, non-scratch interior lining keeps your tablet safe and secure.
Ramiro Castillo
SKUNO: 200262
Nov 28, 2016
I purchased this product off of Amazon as a quick solution to the lack of a Crüsta option for the iPhone 7 Plus. For 10 bucks, its not a bad case by any means.

What is disappointing is how it feels like its worth its price. Additionally, the back portion is not as clear as is seen in the picture. It looks more like frosted glass than it does a clear piece of plastic.

All in all, the case is okay for the price. Fits the phone nice and snug, but it doesnt look or feel as good as Id want.
SKUNO: 98080
Sep 26, 2016
amazing Desktop charger, i must say and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is amazing, charged my blackberry priv in a glance, removes the need for other chargers and mess
Bill Sheweloff
SKUNO: 97299
Apr 28, 2016
Lets keep it simple. I have tried over 15 different screen protectors over the last 6 years and the Shatterproof is the ONLY screen protector worth purchasing. My immediate family as well as in-laws and grandkids (most are clumsy, Im sorry to say), and all use the Shatterproof and we have NEVER encountered damage to the display. Save your money and your time; get the Shatterproof screen protector.
SKUNO: 97719
Apr 14, 2016
Very nice case in every way. Easy to install and fits the phone perfect. Case is very thin, but gives good protection. Fits so good its hard to see the phone even has a case on it. Thanks for a great product!
Maura Lopez
SKUNO: 96638
Feb 25, 2016
Feels great when holding/using the phone and is not bulky. perfect fit!
kuldeep dabas
SKUNO: 97900
Feb 01, 2016
Nice product
I liked the product and its quality. Superb product..!!!
IT Professional
SKUNO: 96258
Sep 10, 2015
Works as advertised.
The case is not bulky and looks great on my 1520.
Lynda Moore
SKUNO: 96101
May 26, 2015
I am very pleased with this case, its fits my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet like a glove. Easy to use all the functions on the tablet. Very easy to hold in any position.
SKUNO: 87116
Apr 10, 2015
This little USB charger is compact and sits very low once engaged in the socket. You have to push it in until the side ball-bearing engage against the sides. Once done it fits snugly and solidly. Needs a good pull to disengage. Only drawback is the 1000mA rating which is a little low for many more modern gadgets. Good for travelling. I always have one in the bag for hire cars.
SKUNO: 96323
Apr 06, 2015
This case is very rugged. I dropped my Note 3 from 5 feet onto cement. The phone landed right on its corner and I was fearing the worst, but other than the case corner breaking there was no damage. I am buying a replacement case right now. This case is great.
Waseem Ahmed
SKUNO: 96748
Apr 03, 2015
In Pakistan no branded tempered glass are available.in purchased it from Ebay, they ship me from USA to Pakistan and This glass is excellent quality.
SKUNO: 300032
Apr 02, 2015
Hesitant to buy this case after owning others from otterbox and spigen. Following through with this purchase was a great idea. The phone fits perfect inside the shell case (The only reason I give it four out of five stars is because the shell doesnt clasp as tight as it should, which Im guessing is just a small defect which I understand happens from time to time) You wouldnt think the TPR Ring would fit snug around the shell case but it fits like a glove. The packaging was great, very professional, and the tempered glass screen protector and backing really allows the phone to highlight its beauty.
Tamia Taylor
SKUNO: 97291
Mar 11, 2015
I bought this case because I had the Nokia 1520 Pudding case which was fantastic. I just got this case in the mail 40 minutes ago and I like it already. The fit is perfect and I dont feel like the phone is going to slide out of my hands. All the covered buttons are protected and respond like normal and all the open ports allow you to plug in the charger or silence your phone with no problem. The Amzer Pudding cases are fantastic and affordable.
Trace Steinhausen
SKUNO: 300014
Mar 07, 2015
Dropped my phone several times with this case on and I have yet to see any damage on my phone or problems with its functioning..love this case!
Trace Steihausen
SKUNO: 300014
Mar 06, 2015
Love this case. I have a tendency to drop my phone at unexpected times and this case has definitely saved it! Very excited with the outcome, thanks so much Amzer(:
Holli Smith
SKUNO: 300014
Feb 17, 2015
I was very impressed with this case. Its not bulky at all. Very good quality for the money!
SKUNO: 300014
Feb 11, 2015
I am very excited about my case. I was worried at first about the tempered glass on the front of the case but I have had no problems with using my touch screen. The only suggestion I would make is for the Belt Clip Holster to be optional. Its a nice clip but being a female, it is not something I personally would use. I would highly recommend checking out this case.
Chris Gonzalez
SKUNO: 300014
Feb 09, 2015
I just recieved my Amzer Crusta case for my iPhone 6 and I am very pleased with how it looks, feels, and protect my phone. The only recommendation I have for Amzer is...please put a film over the glass portion on the back of the case. Mine came with a scratch on it and for the price I paid it should be in mint condition.
Alessandro Giuliano
SKUNO: 97239
Feb 09, 2015
There arent many case for Zenfone 4, and after buying a crappy chinese ripoff case from ebay I tried with this. The photo are misleading because the case seems made from two different materials with a flat back and raised lateral bumper. Indeed is not bad, it fit almost right my phone but not perfectly, and also I prefer a more rugged case. Pro: very cheap, nice material (real TPU) Cons: Quality overall 7.5
SKUNO: 300014
Feb 05, 2015
Great looking case for iPhone 5s. offers great protection with good looks. You get a great grip with this case. You do not feel the case is going to slip out of your hands and the tempered glass screen protector is nice.
Case is a keeper
Clarke L Dunnam
SKUNO: 300335
Jan 30, 2015
I was very impressed when I received the case. The shipping was good as well. I received the case before my 6 Plus so had a chance to really look it over. I REALLY like the tempered glass on both sides. It just makes the case classy I think.Pu I really didnt want to show off the back of my phone so printed a solid black rectangle on photo paper, cut it to the correct size and a cutout for the camera and I think it looks pretty nice. The back of the phone which shows is now black with the glass over it. I have had several compliments about the case. No one has any idea that there is a "black blank" inside. I am not thrilled with the holster. I looks and feels a bit clunky. I broke the holster so had to order another one. The guy wanted to send me a free one if I would send a photo of the broken holster BUT it was NOT a defect in the case and NOT Amzers fault. I got it hooked in my seat belt when getting out of my vehicle and it just simply pulled it apart at the clip. I paid $14.98 for a new holster which included shipping so feel like I was NOT taken advantage of especially when I got it on one of their super sales. I would recommend this case. Take care putting the tempered glass on the phone screen (I got one very small dust particle even after using the "dusting cloth" but not enough to take away from the protective glass). As stated previously, the glass is VERY responsive and not like the plastic ones. Overall, 5 stars as indicated. I did buy this from their website.
Carl Di Martino
SKUNO: 300014
Jan 27, 2015
Purchased the CRUSTA for my iPhone 6. black on white. Fits perfectly glass screen protector is very nice very responsive to touch. And I think the phone looks great. This case is a keeper. might order another case with different colors to change the look every now and then. Only minor complaint I have is the port covers do not stay in place. Other then that great case
SKUNO: 300292
Jan 26, 2015
Immediately protected my iPhone 6 champagne color with this black and white case and it has been over a month since I began using it. Its absolutely AMaZing! It protects the phone, allows for the beauty of the phone to show, and it is very sturdy to hold! Im very confident after drops and all the buttons and holes are protected!

I do wish I could order another plastic interior case so that I could change it frequently.

Great phone case for the new iPhone!
Jamie Harwick
SKUNO: 300014
Jan 12, 2015
I have been using the AMZER Crusta for 2 months now and I love it!
SKUNO: 300077
Jan 10, 2015
Hello, this is a one awesome case. I have been through lifeproof, catalyst all waterproof cases, some of them ended up leaking. I searched for a good dust proof case, shock proof case, and can be ok in the rain. Your case is awesome for that. I am glad I got to this case. I will be recommending it for everyone, I drop my phone on daily bases, I am so clumsy. This case is very protective. Keep up the good work, I would love if the tempered glass screen protector or the edge 2 edge can be attached to the case instead of us putting it and re installing it to make sure it is installed correctly, also if the TPU bumper can be made out of better material that will be awesome. Thank you so much. This is the best drop proof case and I am sure it can exceed limitation of 6.6 feet
SKUNO: 97376
Jan 10, 2015
Application is very straight forward and self adhering, only needed little effort to smooth out air pockets. Recommend following instructions to clean the glass and remove dust with sticky strip included. Kristal is minimal thickness, and you feel a slight edge when going for the home button, but not intrusive. Actually the "feel" for the home button is nice. Covers edge to edge and works with thinner cases, no problems putting on the Pong Sleek case for iPhone 6. Cant speak about other thin cases, but should be similar experience. Ordered the black Amzer Kristal for my space grey, and it blends nicely with iPhone. Ordered on late Sunday night, and picked cheapest shipping and was delivered on Friday!
Kim Nelson
SKUNO: 300014
Jan 06, 2015
I was a little scared to purchase this product online, not ever having seen these cases in a store on anyones phone, but I am very happy I took the chance. I love this case and will be ordering a second one (simply to have multicolors to change my case). This case is durable, reliable and fun. It is very hard to find good protective, durable cases for the IPhone 6 plus, but this is a great find!!!
SKUNO: 300014
Jan 04, 2015
I was a little skeptical at first about the build of this case, but after purchasing it, I am so glad I did. The buttons are nice and easy to press. All the pull down menus are completely accessible. The tempered glass screen protector covers the entire face of the phone, not just the actual screen. I have purchased 2 of these cases as of now and I plan to purchase more in different colors!
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