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SKUNO: 300052
Jul 21, 2014

This case is bang on value for money, much better than otter box which is more expensive i love it.. Just wish it was also available for my wifes iPhone.
SKUNO: 300014
Jul 21, 2014
This is a fantastic product I love it for my S5!
SKUNO: 300021
Jul 21, 2014
Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Black on Blue Shell Tempered Glass with Holster
Thomas Tree
SKUNO: 95113
Mar 20, 2014
Perfect fitexcellent protection
This black TPU case fits my i8190 perfectly. I purchased this case after my phone had accumulated several scratches on the silver bezel wrapped around it. Upon fitting the case, it covers the bezel completely. The overall feel exudes confidence that the phone will be protected, despite the smooth rubber finish. The cutouts are not too shabby. There is no plastic residue which is usually left from low quality molding shells. Buttons are covered but arent easily pressed, meaning that the fit of this case was measured very well. For a TPU case, this is a very high quality one. I am confident of the level of protection this TPU hybrid case provides. Several drops from a height of four (4) feet have no negative effect on the phone or the case.
SKUNO: 94835
Nov 01, 2013
Good case
Im very impressed with the Shellster case after unboxing. It still allows the functionality of the Xperia Play gamepad, but is strong enough to handle any falls. Delivery was fast and USPS tracking was enjoyable for me too track.
Jefrey Warner
SKUNO: 96631
Oct 10, 2013
its nice one...
The case material is quite good and it is finely gripped on the phone so its a nice case to prefer... Thanks
SKUNO: 94930
Sep 26, 2013
satisfied with the quality and shipping really fast
Jefrey Warner
SKUNO: 96076
Sep 25, 2013
Nice product to purchase
Its a very nice experience to use this product...very fine quality and good grip on the phone
d a
SKUNO: 96093
Sep 24, 2013
love it
Just got my purple amzer it fits snug its sturdy and has a nice texture to it. It looks good and is thick and protects my galaxy tab 3 8.0 from any accidents. Im going to order another color.
d a
SKUNO: 96095
Sep 24, 2013
5 stars
Just recieved my purple amzer jelly skin today and it looks great on my galaxy tab 3 8.0. Its very sturdy and should protect it against any accidents. I like the feel of it too im going to order another color.
Jefrey Warner
SKUNO: 95094
Sep 09, 2013
Nice product to use
its a really nice product very fine placed on the phone...and protects the screen effectively...
Joe B
SKUNO: 96136
Sep 06, 2013
Meet the new boss same as the old boss
This is my 2nd Amzer skin case for Nexus 7. As soon as I placed my order for the new Nexus 7, I immediately went to Amzer to get a case skin for it. These things fit perfectly, all of the openings are the proper size and in perfect alignment with the device. Case fits snug enough to not allow movement of the device. I was seriously pleased with the original N7 case and this one for the 2nd Gen Nexus 7 is just as good. Honestly, I am trying to think of a way to improve it and cant.
Marshall Quentel
SKUNO: 95794
Aug 24, 2013
Great Fit & Nice Price
This is a very nice case for the price. The case does not infringe on the screen or sensors at all. The silicone corners are beefier for drop protection, but I dont think the case is substantial enough to protect it from a high fall onto concrete. The kickstand works in both planes, and it locks into place and stows flush. The white and black case makes my phone more visible against my dark furniture and carpeting if I were to drop it. It also makes it less likely to be accidentally left behind due to its high visibility. The Amzer case also has a nice high edge around the screen. The total fit and feel are great, particularly in the buttons. The phone is more comfortable to hold and less slippery on tables.
Robin Brown
SKUNO: 93584
Aug 08, 2013
Red Jelly Case
I am in love with this soft iPad case! Great quality and color! Excellent customer service! 5 Stars!
raj dan
SKUNO: 95960
Aug 07, 2013
Excellent Quality and Delivery
Excellent and working perfectly.Delivery was fast and quick.Excellent customer service that proves the company is serious about its products. The cover can only be described as the best I have yet seen. Real army style but wth tht superb quality. Buy it before it runs out!
SKUNO: 95718
Jul 25, 2013
The school where I work has these on all iPads. It is really great- good grip prevents slips for hands. I have had two accidental drops. One from a table. The iPad was on a towel and someone grabbed the towel not seeing the iPad on it. It fell flat on the screen. No damage at all. I recommend this case especially for parents who have young children.
SKUNO: 91181
Jul 21, 2013
Great case!
Ive bought a few cases for this phone, and this is the best one by far! Its got a rubber texture, fits like a glove, and is very secure in the hand. The rubber texture gives a very secure grip, and it doesnt slide around. Also, it covers both the top and bottom ends of the phone, which the Bodyglove rubber case does not do. Great price and well worth it!
Gary Enos
SKUNO: 95284
Jun 24, 2013
Seven weeks after purchase, the AMZER Holster case for Lumia 920 is durable, prfovides easy slide in-slide out access, screen protection, and ideal tactile feel when handling the phone. The stand feature works well and the case does not add weight or thickness (may be the thinnest out there!
SKUNO: 93951
Apr 10, 2013
Great protection!
Though it is hard to retrieve from your pocket when answering a call, it provides the features that I would need 2 products to do. Because of the "sticky" surface of the protective cover, you can place it on the dash of your car up to an extreme angle, and it will stay put. You would need a second product to provide such a surface on the dash of any car. I had one of these for my Samsung Infuze and dropped it a number of times, with no degrade in operation. So now that I have upgraded to the Galaxy S III, I am buying another one. For the price and protection, you cant beat it! I gave it a 4 of 5 only because of the difficulty retrieving it from your pocket.
Pat Evans
SKUNO: 95376
Apr 02, 2013
Top notch protection
This is exactly what I was looking for to protect my Z10. The case covers the phone to protect it from small knocks and drops. It is plastic so will not absorb as much abuse as a rubber case. It will keep the screen off a flat surface so it doesnt get scratched. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible. The holster is also plastic. It holds the Z10 very securely either screen in or out. The belt clip is nice and strong and spins around. It also has a metal lever to hold the clip out so you can use the phone as an angled display either upright or on its side. For the price it is brilliant!
william corsini
SKUNO: 95269
Mar 14, 2013
nexus 4 holdster
Perfect case and holster. I used to buy seidio cases but the spring kept breaking. The holster is thinner and easier to carry in my pocket. I have used it for 3 weeks and now cant go back to my seidio.
SKUNO: 81182
Jan 17, 2013
Beautiful Lanyard
I have purchased several of these lanyards in black and give them as gifts. I also use them on all my cameras and phones. They are high quality, last years and add a perfect touch of bling. I am ordering more while they are still available.
Sonu Sharma
SKUNO: 94937
Jan 17, 2013
i like it
SKUNO: 87326
Jan 15, 2013
Sayanti Chowdhury
SKUNO: 94873
Jan 15, 2013
pretty nice
Bought it for my sis, she is very happy with its attractive look and good quality.Even my galaxy note case is also awesome from fommy.
Nishath Meeran
SKUNO: 85641
Jan 15, 2013
akhil sharma
SKUNO: 89719
Jan 14, 2013
very nice and comfortable i pod in use
aayush mahajan
SKUNO: 92669
Jan 09, 2013
talai marg
7 talai marg khargone
sai dhanush
SKUNO: 86038
Jan 08, 2013
the case is cool its awesome. worth for 300 rupees. Full protection.
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