SanDisk® 32GB Micro Memory Card With Card Reader

SanDisk® 32GB Micro Memory Card With Card Reader

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Made by : SANDISK
Part No : SDSDQ-032G-23-JA
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Product InformationCollapse —
SanDisk microSDHC mobile memory card with card reader is the ideal companion for multimedia phone users. They plug right inside the phone providing immediate expansion of memory storage needed for carrying more music, video, photos, games, and mobile software applications in the latest generation of phones. With the help of card reader you can transfer your card data to your computer with a high speed and convenient way. This card reader is Design to complement memory-enabled mobile phone users and memory cards can be plugged directly into the readers for fast file movement between your phone and your PC. 32GB capacity makes you enable to carry more data at a time. Direct plug in means no card adapters are required. The MobileMate Micro Reader is so compact; it can attach to your phone with the included phone lanyard or carry in your pocket.


Features of Memory Card:

  • The SanDisk microSD Mobile Memory Kit gives you a high performance!
  • Makes migrating to a new phone simple take your memory with you.Remarkable flexibility — never worry about which card fits your phone.
  • Supports all SD formats such as SD, miniSD Card or microSD.
  • High storage capacity holds your most precious data.
  • Instantly expands your phone’s memory.

Specifications of Memory Card:

  • Storage Capacity: 32GB.
  • Manufacturer: SanDisk.

Features of Memory Card Reader:

  • The MobileMate Micro Reader will ride as wingman in your right pocket due to its portable size!
  • ransferring content and personal data between a mobile phone and a computer is fast and convenient now.
  • It accepts microSDHC, microSD and Memory Stick Micro cards without the need for an adapter.
  • No additional driver software required to use this Micro Reader.
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compatible transfer rates.
  • No additional card adapters required.
  • Plug and play - easy to install and use.
  • The included lanyard with keychain allows you to carry easily.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X.

Specifications of Memory Card Reader:

  • Product: MobileMate Micro Reader.
  • Product Type: Memory card reader.
  • Lanyard with keychain.
  • Compatible with:
  • microSDHC cards.
  • microSD cards.
  • Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards.
  • Manufacturer: SanDisk.
  • Part No: SDDR-121-A11M.

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