Palm® (OEM) Pixi™ Touchstone™ Charging Kit Plus

Palm® (OEM) Pixi™ Touchstone™ Charging Kit Plus

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Made by : Palm
Part No : 86264
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The palm OEM Charging kit includes (2) Touchstone Charging Docks, (1) North America Power Charger, (1) Touchstone Back Cover. First, Attach Touchstone Charging Docks to your desk and watch how quickly it becomes home for your Palm Pixi phone. Simply place your Palm Pixi on the Palm Touchstone and magnets quickly align your phone in the correct position for charging. Charge while you’re checking your calendar, making a call, or watching videos in portrait or landscape mode. Second, Power Charger charges your Palm Pixi at home or abroad with this sleek, compact charger. Ultra-slim international charger for 100-240 voltages with automatic voltage and frequency adjustment. Its 5-foot cable detaches from cylindrical travel charger and international plug adapters for easy travel and storage.Third, Attach the Touchstone Back Cover to your Palm Pixi to allow connectionless charging when used with the Touchstone Charging Dock. It Uses Touchstone Technology, inductive coils inside the Charging Dock generate a small, oscillating electromagnetic field and transmit it through the Back Cover on your Palm Pixi, so you can charge your Pixi without connecting a wire directly into the phone.


Touchstone Charging Dock Features:

  • Non-slip material
    • Securely fixes dock to boards, tables, and other surfaces.
    • Prevents dock from moving when phone is removed.
  • No cables or connectors required to attach your Palm Pixi phone to the dock.
  • Charges your Palm Pixi in same amount of time as wall charger.
  • Place Pixi on the dock when you’re on a call and speakerphone automatically turns on, and when you take Pixi off, speakerphone conversation is routed back to the phone.
  • When Pixi rings on the dock, the phone answers when taken off the dock.
  • Genuine original manufactured product from Palm.
  • When the phone is not in use Nightstand mode displays the time and incoming notifications
  • Magnets in the dock align your phone in the correct position for charging
  • Watch videos in portrait or landscape mode while the phone is charging.

Power Charger Features:

  • Handy spool keeps the 5-foot USB cable organized and in place.
  • Attractive finish is comfortable and soft to the touch.
  • Sleek and compact design fits easily into travel bags.

Touchstone Back Cover Features:

  • Add a comfortable, attractive soft-touch finish to your phones back cover.
  • Enables Touchstone Technology for connectionless charging of your Palm Pixi!
  • Simply attach this back cover to your Palm Pixi to allow connectionless charging.
  • Simply set your Palm Pixi on the dock, it magnetically snaps into place, and charging begins.
  • Comes in an attractive soft-touch paint finish to distinguish you as a Touchstone user.
  • Time taken in charging is same as charging done by wall charger.
  • No hassle of tangled cords with this Palm Pixi Touchstone Back
  • Compatible with the Touchstone Charging Dock.

Package Includes:

Everything you need to set up two separate Palm Touchstone Charging Dock stations for incredibly simple, connector-free charging at your home and office.

  • (2) Touchstone Charging Docks
  • (1) North America Power Charger
  • (1) Touchstone Back Cover

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