RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Micro USB Travel Wall Charger

RIM (OEM) BlackBerry® Micro USB Travel Wall Charger

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Made by : BlackBerry
Part No : ASY-18080-001
  • Acer beTouch E140
  • BlackBerry 9800
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • BlackBerry Bold 9780
  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9930
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
  • BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Niagra 9630
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8220
  • Blackberry Pearl 9100
  • Blackberry Pearl 9105
  • BlackBerry Storm 2 9520
  • BlackBerry Storm 9500
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • Blackberry Tour 9630
  • Dell Venue 11 Pro
  • Dell Venue 7
  • Dell Venue 8
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro
  • Google Nexus S
  • HP 8
  • Huawei Ideos U8150
  • LG Optimus 2X P990
  • LG Optimus Black
  • Nokia C2-01
  • Nokia X2-01
  • O2 BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • O2 BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • O2 BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • O2 BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • O2 BlackBerry Pearl 8220
  • O2 LG Optimus 2X P990
  • O2 Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • O2 Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
  • O2 Samsung Wave 525
  • O2 Samsung Wave 723
  • Orange BlackBerry 9800
  • Orange BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • Orange BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • Orange BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • Orange BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • Orange BlackBerry Pearl 8220
  • Orange LG Optimus 2X P990
  • Orange Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Orange Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
  • Orange Samsung Wave 525
  • Orange Samsung Wave 723
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Samsung GALAXY Ace Style SM-G310
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
  • Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Neo SM-T111
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 10.1
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 7.0
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 8.0
  • Samsung Nexus S
  • Samsung S5560
  • Samsung Wave 525
  • Samsung Wave 533
  • Samsung Wave 575
  • Samsung Wave 723
  • Samsung Wave II S8530
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 9105
  • T-Mobile Blackberry Storm 2 9520
  • T-Mobile LG Optimus 2X P990
  • T-Mobile LG Optimus Black
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
  • T-Mobile Samsung Wave 525
  • T-Mobile Samsung Wave 723
  • Tesco Mobile BlackBerry 9800
  • Tesco Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780
  • Tesco Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Three BlackBerry 9800
  • Three BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • Three BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
  • Three Nokia C2-01
  • Three Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Vodafone BlackBerry 9800
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Bold 9780
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • Vodafone Blackberry Pearl 9105
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Storm
  • Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 2 9520
  • Vodafone LG Optimus 2X P990
  • Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
  • Vodafone Samsung Wave 723
Product InformationCollapse —
This new RIM BlackBerry travel charger is lightweight and compact. It's the perfect accessory for people that are always on the go. This smart designed charger opens and closes quickly and is so small and lightweight it can fit anywhere in your bag or pocket.The charger features removable prongs for easy storage and international adapter clips.


Fommy Product Review:

An international traveler tired of lugging around three different adapters for your phone and other MicroUSB powered devices? This Travel Charger by RIM is a compact and easy to use solution.

This Micro Travel wall charger kit comes with three different adapters: the standard North American three prong style adapter, the UK three prong adapter and the two prong adapter for the rest of Europe. Unfortunately it has no support for Asia or Australia, likely due to even larger voltage changes in those countries. To change out the adapters you simply hold the button at the base of it and slide the adapter upwards, sliding a new adapter down when done.

The heads do snap on tightly, but are small enough where I can imagine people would lose them fairly easily when changing them out; especially since the device comes with no way to store them. If you do lose them, RIM does sell replacement adapters, so you wont have to replace the whole charger if you happen to lose just one.

Of course, being a micro-USB charger is handy to have around for more than just your BlackBerry; micro-USB is the standard now, and more devices will continue to use it, meaning this device can last you far beyond the days of your current BlackBerry device. This charger can be used in an ever growing array of phones, portable game systems, MP3 players, GPS system and a variety of other portable electronics. Additionally, the cable it comes with is very long, measuring in at about sixty inches, which is nice, but does have downsides (storage).

This is a great international adapter if you travel from America to Europe of vice-versa, but I wish it had support for even more countries.


  • A best solution for charge your device internationally!
  • Easy to use detachable plugs.
  • The power plugs are works with USA, UK, Europe and Asia power outlets.
  • It allows you to keep your device fully charged wherever your work takes you.
  • Best travel companion for frequent travelers.
  • Portable and durable, also it will not take more space to store.


  • Comes with 3 different tips/plugs.
  • Power supply: 110 – 220v AC.
  • Color: Black.
  • Manufacturer: BlackBerry.
  • Manufacturer Part No: ASY-18080-001.

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