LG Batteries

Bigger screens, more RAM, faster processors, better connectivity options; cell phones are getting smarter, but cellphone batteries are not evolving fast enough. Battery technology is advancing slower than soil erosion, if you want to get a day's worth of usage out of your phone you have to barely use it, what use is that? Fommy's got your back. Our line of cell phone batteries, portable chargers and wireless charging covers are beyond comparison. Whether you use the latest iPhone or still rocking a Palm Pixi, check out our line of best cell phone battery products!

Gone are the days of the Nokia 3310 that lasted all of eternity. Nowadays you're surfing the web on LTE, having group chats on WhatsApp, hooking your iPad up through the WiFi Hotspot feature all while playing all of the latest tunes at full volume over Spotify. Smartphones are battery hogs, and we have got you covered, keeping you juiced for another day of smartphone fun!

LGŪ 1500 mAh Li-Ion Standard Battery
SKU: 91659
£ 27.09 exc. VAT
LGŪ (OEM) 1000 mAh Standard Battery
SKU: 82217
£ 10.41 exc. VAT
LGŪ 950 mAh Lithium Ion Standard Battery
SKU: 86936
£ 15.47 exc. VAT
LGŪ (OEM) 950 mAh Standard Battery
SKU: 83115
£ 12.91 exc. VAT
LGŪ (OEM) 800 mAh Standard Battery
SKU: 82222
£ 30.83 exc. VAT
LGŪ (OEM) 950 mAh LGLP-AHGM Standard Battery
SKU: 81649
£ 11.24 exc. VAT
LGŪ (OEM) 1100 mAh Standard Li-Ion Battery
SKU: 81605
£ 14.99 exc. VAT