Air Case Holster for Palm Centro

Air Case Holster for Palm Centro

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Introducing the Air Case series by Amzer! This convenient combination includes a crystal clear case and a custom fit holster to provide your Centro the ultimate protection every day. Use the crystal case alone for protection in your bag or pocket. Or use it together with the holster for easy access to your device and all of its functions. 360 degree spring clip ensures your device is held securely in place. Interior velvet lining helps reduce friction from repeated use. Supports the sleeper function on your Centro.



  • Lightweight, strong, long-lasting and scratch resistant!
  • Clip it to your belt/purse and you can secure your phone at all times!
  • It prevents your device from scratches, bumps, daily wear and tear.
  • Interior velvet lining helps reduce friction from repeated use.
  • Built in 360 degree swivel clip, located on the back of the holster.
  • This hard plastic holster is good for daily use.
  • High quality ratcheting swivel belt clip.
  • There are openings for volume/side buttons, camera lens, charger jack, antenna and speakers which allows access to all phone functions.
  • The design lets you rotate the clip 360-degree sideway and allows you to place your phone at the most comfortable and convenient position.
  • Holds your phone securely and the same time gives excellent protection.
  • Custom-made to fit Palm Centro when paired with a Crystal case.
  • Not only is your phone securely fitted into this holster, it is also a snap to remove it for use (just press the lock/unlock button).
  • Prevents damage to your phone from objects in your pockets or purse.
  • Even helps preventing you from misplacing or leaving your phone behind.
  • Design to perfect-fit precision for your phone with the color matched.
  • With Clear Case do not hide the beauty of your Phone.
  • To secure your phone to the holster, just fit your phone into the holster and firmly push until it locks.
  • Proximity-sensing technology conserves battery power by automatically shutting off the screen backlight as soon as you slide your device into place.
  • You can choose different notification settings like ring, vibrate or both based on whether your handheld is in or out.


  • Crystal Clear Case
  • Velvet interior
  • Sleeper function
  • High quality plastic holster.
  • 360 degree ratcheting belt clip.
  • Color: Black

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