AMZER Battery Charger for Treo 650

AMZER Battery Charger for Treo 650

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Charge your Treo Smartphone’s spare battery with highly functional AMZER Battery Charger for Treo. The slim and sleek charger lays flat on your desk, and holds a battery securely inside. To charge the battery, simply plug into any Mini USB charging cable. Battery and Mini USB charging cable SKU (7299) sold separately. This can be charged via mini USB connector only.



  • Convenient and portable Battery Charger.
  • Charges quickly, usually within 2-4 hours and uses USB Power from your computer.
  • Slim and sleek designed battery charger.
  • Just insert your spare battery into the charger and use USB Power.
  • Convenient size - fits in your pocket, briefcase, or purse
  • Doubles as a carrying case for your spare battery
  • Note: USB cable and battery not included.
  • See SKU: 80217 for USB cable

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