AMZER Door Devil -Orange for BlackBerry Storm 9530

AMZER Door Devil -Orange for BlackBerry Storm 9530

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If you lost your BlackBerry Storm battery door, the Door Devil, is a fun and affordable alternative to those pricey originals! The Door Devil slides onto the back of your Storm, with or without the battery door, and not only shields your device it also adds a refreshing splash of color to your life. With a lanyard port and exact cutouts for your back speaker, camera lens and flash you won’t even miss your old battery door. Have a little fun and let the Door Devil safeguard your phone!


Fommy Product Review:

The AMZER Door devil is a fairly simple product; its a cover for your battery door or an altogether replacement door if you dont feel like shelling out the big bucks for a new one from RIM. It does come in a variety of colors: yellow, green, red, hot pink, black and yellow. While Black makes the most match for your Storm, the other colors are great for adding some versatility and variety. Ironically, I think the Black Color one has the biggest problem of the lot, it shows fingerprints much easier than all the other.

Of course, they have cut outs for all the vitals; camera, speakers and flash. As an added bonus it also has a place to attach a lanyard, which is something the phone by itself lacks. They are quite durable and will prevent the backside of your device from suffering any undue damage.

BlackBerry Storm 9530