AMZER Kristal Privacy Protector Shield

AMZER Kristal Privacy Protector Shield

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Are you looking for privacy when working on your HTC Hero in a public place? Look no further, as we introduce to you a privacy filter. It provides complete protection for your HTC Hero's screen while simultaneously acting as a privacy filter. This product works similar to laptop filters by only allowing the person directly in front of the Smartphone (you) to view the screen. So now you no longer have to worry about who's peeping at your information – whether you're replying back to emails or checking your bank information, it's all safe to do in public. This privacy filter is made of durable, anti-glazing material that also protects your eyes from strong light reflection.


Fommy Product Review:

You know how Martha Stewart has her list of ‘good things’ that she always tell us about? Well the AMZER Privacy Filter is definitely a good thing. All of us nowadays use our HTC Hero everywhere in public. And I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is when you are at the airport or waiting for your table at a restaurant and you’re typing away while someone next to you is staring down at your screen. I mean, really! Get a life people!

Instead of moving away from your seat for some privacy, get the AMZER Privacy Filter. This is such a cool little item and it provides you all the privacy you need (and protection for that matter). With the privacy filter you are free to check your bank balances, send work emails, and even text mushy love messages to your beloved. In addition, it even protects your screen from scratches, dust, and messy fingerprints while not decreasing usability or response time, what more can you ask for?

Don’t wait another minute. These custom made-to-fit for your HTC Hero privacy protector is perfect for you.


  • Prevent and protect your screen from unwanted peepers, while keeping the screen clean and unscratched.  
  • Screen will be completely black when viewed from left or right at the 35 degree angle.  
  • Maintain the privacy of your HTC Hero screen when you are in a crowded area, such as bus, train, airplane, etc.  
  • Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed.  
  • Privacy filter is manufactured to provide thick, durable, transparent surface without affecting the touch-screen features. 
  • 99% UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the screen.

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