AMZER Simple Click On Case with Screen Protector - Rubberized Black for BlackBerry Bold

AMZER Simple Click On Case with Screen Protector - Rubberized Black for BlackBerry Bold

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Let your BlackBerry Bold shine! Add colorful style and flair to your BlackBerry Bold without the additional weight and bulk of other traditional cases. The lightweight Simple Case features impact resistance in an extremely slim profile design showcasing your BlackBerry Bold's form and style. The case covers the back and sides of your BlackBerry Bold with cutouts for all controls and functions. There is no covering over the screen or keypad so you have full access and functionality. So don’t worry and get this case for your BlackBerry Bold. Note: Screen Protector included.


Fommy Simple Case Review:

Overview: A refreshing new take on protection for your BlackBerry Bold 9000. Bring some simplicity to your life and to your BlackBerry Bold 9000 with a new type of hard case. This case takes a minimalist approach to design and lets you focus on your BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Durability: Most hard shelled cases can crack, snap and be fractured relatively easily. This case's rubber like exterior protects against these common pitfalls while providing an excellent shock absorbing material. No normal (read: sane) amount of bending should result in this case tearing or snapping.

As far as other durability goes, it stood it quite well, not a scratch from well, scratches; including keys and the like. It did show a mark from a slice, but the material it almost vanish after rubbing my finger over it a couple of times. But overall, you would be extremely hard pressed to pierce it, which would require significant force.

Design/Functionality: This case touts a small profile and it does that very well. It's quite slim and well molded for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, maintaining excellent accessibility to all the commonly used buttons and ports. The Simple Case simply grips the front of your BlackBerry Bold 9000, covers the back, and sticks out a bit on each edge, preventing damage should it be dropped while maintaining a very small profile, while the matte black color looks great. As an added bonus because the case doesn't directly protect your screen, it is bundled with a screen protector, giving you a full protection package at a low cost.

Conclusion: If you want a great, small and lightweight case that provides good production for your device without decreasing usability, this is a great choice.


• Simple in name, but powerful in protection!
• Custom design that exactly hug your BlackBerry Bold 9000.
• Made of flexible plastic shell.
• Protects perfectly every corners and back.
• Slim and sleek design makes you awesome.
• An ultimate solution for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 against accident drops and bumps.


• Material: Flexible Plastic Shell.
• Screen protector.
• Manufactured by: AMZER.

Fommy Screen Protector Review:

The AMZER Super Clear Screen Protector provides an easy to use skin, keeping your BlackBerry Bold 9000 easily usable at all times.

First of all, this screen protector is very easy to use; you simply apply the sticky side of the protector to the screen and use the enclosed plastic card to force the bubbles out and then you give it 24 hours so set and the bubbles should have dissipated. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the screen before applying it so you don’t get anything trapped like dirt, dust and fingerprints inside.

It reduces the reflectiveness of the unprotected screen, making it much easier to view either in the fluorescent lighting of the office or just outside in a bright, sunny day.


• Heavy duty screen protector!
• An ultimate solution to protect your BlackBerry Bold 9000 screen.
• It reduces glare, scratches, and smudges and improves clarity.
• Compact design for your BlackBerry Bold 9000 Smartphone.
• Once applied to the BlackBerry Bold 9000 does not slide or move.
• Dust repelling.
• Fingerprint free.


• Lay the screen protector on screen and check the fitting of each side. 
• Clean the screen thoroughly. 
• Apply the Screen Protector on Screen slowly. 
• Peel of the mask when application is completed.

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