Amzer Skin Case w/Keyguard™ - Blue for BlackBerry Pearl

Amzer Skin Case w/Keyguard™ - Blue for BlackBerry Pearl

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Amzer skin case w/Keyguard for BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is custom designed to fit your new device. The only silicone case in the market that has a protective layer so that the keys are protected from extensive wear and tear. A rubberized exterior provides you with a sure grip and protects your smartphone against bumps and scratches. Amzer skin cases feature easy-access openings for camera, audio input and output ports, mini-USB port, programmable convenience keys and stereo jack.


  • 12/24V Automotive Mini USB Car Charger.
  • Stretchable cord extends to making it convenient to charge your phone.
  • Constant current and voltage for rapid and consistent charge.
  • 30-CM coiled cord extends to 2 meters.
  • Easy, convenient way to charge your phone battery in a vehicle when you are on the go.
  • Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery.
  • Mini-USB Connector compatible with all phones with Mini-USB charging port.
  • Product Type: Mini-USB Car Charger.
  • Manufacturer: Blackberry.
  • Color: Black.

Compatible with:
BlackBerry Pearl