BerryBUDDY Desktop Cradle - Black for BlackBerry Pearl

BerryBUDDY Desktop Cradle - Black for BlackBerry Pearl

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The new BUDDY from Innov8 Systems has been hailed as "the new dawn in mobile phone technology". The concept being to create desktop cradles which compliment the Blackberry Pearl in both form and functionality. This unique cradle is designed and manufactured to the very highest specification using an injection moulded ABS construction and the very latest in electronic technology making it both light in weight and extremely robust. An elegant combination of flowing curves and clean lines and finished with a distinctive 'Piano Black' finish. We would like to think of the BUDDY as an extension of the Blackberry handset itself. With USB connectivity, power and sync LED's and both PC and Mac compatible, every last detail has been carefully considered to support Blackberry Pearl.


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: Buddy (formerly known as BerryBuddy) makes cradles and apparently is branching out into some other fields as well. This cradles provides excellent desktop versatility for your device and a great place to perch your BlackBerry in the office.

Design/Functionality: The cradle is quite light, but the design and rubber grips at the end make it surprisingly stable regardless. In addition, on the back it has two ports, so you can get the speed of charging from your outlet with the connectivity of your computer at the same time. The design was obviously made to compliment multiple BlackBerry devices though, and some (like the Pearl) may be a bit too wide (in both directions) to easily complement the cradle and some wont fit at all. Also because its designed for a myriad of sizes, the device may have some (or a lot) of wiggle room depending on your model which may make it come loose from the charger.


- Very stable for its weight.
- Dual mini-USB connectors on the back.
- Comes with a mini-USB to USB cable.


- Not all BlackBerry devices will fit or fit well.

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