Holster with Swivel Belt Clip - Black for Motorola Droid A855

Holster with Swivel Belt Clip - Black for Motorola Droid A855

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With its 180-degree rotational belt clip, this holster provides your Motorola Droid with comfort and freedom of movement. keep it in an upright position when you're on the move. And when you have a minute to sit down, you can adjust it so its parallel with your belt. Plus, it has the smarts to recognize when your handheld is in place. It’s glossy black finishing makes it beautiful and shiny.



  • Durable, lightweight swivel holster provides maximum comfort and flexibility!
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic.
  • This high-impact plastic holster is designed specifically for your Motorola MILESTONE.
  • Allow you to slip your Motorola MILESTONE in and out of the holster with one hand.
  • Securely holds your Motorola MILESTONE in place, and remains easy to remove.
  • A heavily reinforced, 180° rotational belt clip that really stays on your belt.
  • The belt clip ensures protection and ease while carrying your handset.
  • It keeps your Motorola MILESTONE in the right position for easy wear and access.
  • It has prongs to secure your Motorola MILESTONE in place.


  • Material: Polycarbonate plastic.
  • Style: Face-in.
  • 180° rotational belt clip.
  • Manufactured by: BC.
  • Color: Black


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Motorola Droid A855