Leather Shell with Silicone Skin Case In One for HTC Magic

Leather Shell with Silicone Skin Case In One for HTC Magic

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Can’t decide how you want to protect your T-Mobile G2/ HTC Magic? Silicone Skin or Leather Case? Well now you don’t have to decide, the Leather Shell Silicone Skin Case brings you the best of both worlds for total device protection. A genuine leather shell is fused to a resilient silicone skin, for an attention worthy safeguard. The silicone skin protects the sides and all four corners of your device, ready to absorb any shock your G2/ Magic may receive from an accidental bump or drop. The leather flip shell defends your touch screen and provides an overall shield for your device. No need to remove the phone when in use thanks to exact cutouts. This is twice the protection power in one single case!



  • Superior abrasion resistance and incredible durability!
  • Stylishly tailored this luxury 2-in-1 case is a must have.
  • Made of sumptuous leather combined with high quality silicone case.
  • It will take only seconds to keep your T-Mobile G2/ Magic in and take it out.
  • Unique style in design and functionality.
  • Openings for easy access to the headphone jack and port connector.
  • The leather flip shell defends your precious touchscreen and provides an overall shield.
  • Easily control your T-Mobile G2/ HTC Magic without ever having to remove it from the case.


  • Type: 2-in-1 Case.
  • Model: Flip type case.
  • Leather shell.
  • Silicone skin.
  • Color: Black.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.

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