NuTouch Case - Black for iPhone 3G

NuTouch Case - Black for iPhone 3G

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Introducing the NuTouch Case, a breakthrough product offering full navigational control of your iphone's touch screen through a crystal hard case! Constructed of advanced technological materials, this case conducts the body's continuous electrical current across the protected screen without any interference. Sleek yet durable, the case offers complete coverage against scratches, bumps and smudges. Exact cutouts for the home button, volume control, headphone jack, charging port and wake button allow for even greater functionality. Touching your screen has never been cooler!


Fommy Product Review:

Overview: The NuTouch Case is a very interesting case for the iPhone 3G. While at a glance it may seem like a normal plastic hard shell case, it is more than meets the eye. This polymer case completely protects your phone will still providing you access with the touch screen.

Durability: It's thick, it's tough, and it allows you to do all that you need to do on your phone without any hassle. The plastic is very durable and takes a lot of force to crack or break. 

Design/Functionality: The main point of this case is that it encapsulates the screen and the device altogether, making sure even your screen is safe while still being functional. A patented technology polymer plastic allows you to operate your phone through the case but you should know that you will have to press on your phone just a little bit harder than normal. That's fine with me, considering sometimes the touch technology on the iPhone is overly sensitive. 


- Completely encases the phone except for the buttons, which includes the screen!
- No need to buy an additional screen protector.


- Only comes in 1 color, clear.

All in all, this is a pretty unique design concept and I was pretty impressed with the way that I was able to use this on my iPhone. I've had this case on my phone for a while now and can't imagine using any other type of case. Yes, you do see some light scratches on the plastic but that's minor when you consider all the benefits of protecting your device.

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