Amzer® iPlug 3.5mm Splitter

Amzer® iPlug 3.5mm Splitter

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Want to share music with your friends. Just plug in the iPlug Splitter into your device and then plug two sets of headphone into the 2 splitter ports. Compact and flexible in design; 24K gold plated contacts to avoid corrosion.


Fommy Product Review:

Need music for two but only have one device, have no fear, the 3.5mm splitter is here. Quite simply, it splits the signal from your 3.5mm headphone jack into two separate jacks where you could plug in two headsets or any two devices that use 3.5mm jacks for that matter. This is a great device for kids in the backseat, plane rides or anywhere else you want to share some music with someone close by. It is also great for your computer speaker system if you want to keep the volume low sometimes: plug the splitter into your computers audio output, plug in your speaker system and then plug in your headphones, then simply turn off your speaker system and you can use your headphone without a lot of switching cables. This is a very versatile little dongle that you can surely find a place in your life for. I for one could find nothing wrong with this simple piece of technology; the cord is long enough not to be a problem but not be a nuisance at the same time, it delivers great audio quality and is made with high quality materials and gold plated contacts.

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