CyberClean Home & Office Pop-Up Pot - 135g Tub

CyberClean Home & Office Pop-Up Pot - 135g Tub

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Fulfilled by : CYBERCLEAN
Part No : 46200
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Product InformationCollapse —
We all get crumbs and grime down the gaps between the keys in our favorite devices. But apparently there’s even nastier stuff lurking in there as well, including dead skin, hair, dust and even grit. Yuck! The answer is Cyber Clean. Cyber Clean the ultimate high–tech re-usable cleaning compound that catches dirt and kills germs on keyboards, mobile phones, telephones, mouse and anything else you can think of.


Why Cyber Clean?

International tests highlighted in recent media headlines have shown that keyboards and peripherals have a much higher accumulation of germs than public toilets. How many times have you seen your colleagues eat and drink at the desk and over the keyboard? Just think all those crumbs falling between the keys? How often does it get cleaned? All those biscuits and sandwich crumbs slowly going rotten...yuk! 

Cyber Clean is a revolutionary cleaning agent that is used where other conventional cleaning products fail. It diffuses into cavities, absorbs dirt & residues and kills germs on contact.

Designed in Switzerland especially for today’s high-tech sensitive electronic home and office products, it safely but effectively cleans away dirt and debris and destroys germs on these items, it is re-usable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

It comes in a 135 gm re-sealable pop up pot.  Colour chart on the side of the pouch indicates when it needs to be replaced.


• Absorbs dirt and dust in those awkward places.
• Has a proven cleansing disinfecting action.
• Re-usable and biodegradable.
• Reusable over and over again.
• Perfect for cleaning gadgets.
• Enhances keyboard performance.
• Safely cleans your home and office high-tech equipment.
• Ideal for all surfaces and devices.
• Cyber Clean cleans and kills up to 80% of germs.
• Citrus fresh fragrance.
• Cleans crevasses where other cleaners fail.


• Weight: 135 g.
• Comes in Pop-up pot.
• Colour chart.
• Manufacturer: CyberClean.
• Manufacturer Part No: 46200.

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